I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Politics and International Relations at University College Dublin. My research focuses on international relations, with an emphasis on alliance politics and the political economy of security. In my work, I explore the financial consequences of military alliances, alliance politics in democracies, and mass attitudes towards political violence. Several other working papers examine the political economy of intra-state conflict. My work is published or forthcoming in International Studies Quarterly, The Journal of Conflict Resolution, Research & Politics, Security Studies, International Interactions and two edited volumes. I have also written an opinion piece for The National Interest.

You can find my CV here.

I received a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University in 2020, and hold a bachelor of arts from Gettysburg College (2015). Before joining UCD, I was a Postdoctoral Research Associate with the Democratic Statecraft Lab and Department of Politics at the University of Virginia.

Together with Rosella Capella Zielinski, Kaija Schilde, Ben Fordham and Mark Wilson, I help organize an online workship series in the Political Economy of Security. The workshop gives scholars opportunities to receive constructive feedback and discuss bridging the nexus of political economy and security. You can find the workshop schedule here.