Chapters in Edited Volumes

  • (2020) “Can Blacklisting Reduce Terrorist Attacks?: The Case of the U.S. Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) List”- with Hyeran Jo and Brian Phillips. In The Power of Global Performance Indicators, ed, Beth Simmons and Judith Kelley. (2020)

  • (2017) “Janus-faced: rebel groups and human rights responsibility”- with Hyeran Jo. In Expanding Rights, ed, Alison Brysk and Michael Stohl. (2017)

Selected Working Papers

  • Do Nuclear Threats Provoke or Intimidate?
  • Alliances, Arms Exports and Electoral Trade Cycles
  • Extended Deterrence, Casualties, and Public Support for War - with Todd Sechser
  • U.S. Performance and Public Support for Democracy Abroad - with John Owen
  • Do Financial Sanctions Reduce Terrorist Violence? - with Hyeran Jo and Brian Phillips
  • Popular Support for Militant Right-Wing Extremist Organizations in the United States - with Layla Picard and Philip Potter